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Cheerfully Contradictory
5 April 1977
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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analysing, artistic nudity, beliefs, black, candles, caresses, cats, coffee, companionship, computers, concepts, control, conversations, cravings, creativity, dancing, debating, debauchery, desire, differences, dreams, ebm, electronica, emotions, exhibitionists, exotic food, experimentation, exploration, eyes, fantasies, fashion, fire, fishnet, flirting, games, goths, heat, hedonism, honesty, honour, hope, horror, hugs, humour, imagination, industrial, intelligence, intensity, internet, losing control, love, lust, meat, mesh, music, mythology, nails, nipples, nudity, opinions, paranormal, passion, penetrating gazes, people, philosophy, photography, piercings, politics, porto, psychology, revealing clothes, roleplaying, sandman, sarcasm, scents, science-fiction, sensation, sexual experimentation, sexual tension, sleepy voices, sociology, solitude, spirituality, spontaneity, storms, strategy, taoism, tattoos, tea, teasing, technology, theology, thoughts, touches, understanding, virtual worlds, voyeurism, web design, willingness, wine

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Date Created:2001-09-03
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Seesawing from overconfidence to paranoia, Karl is an avid poster of commentaries ranging from the brilliantly conceived analysis to the extremely ill-spelled and grammatically horrid momentary vomit of thought. It is commonly believed that there is a direct correlation between that and the amount of coffee he has ingested that day.
Strengths: Attentive, compassionate, honorable and honest, there for a friend in need. Mixed in with spontaneity, lunacy, open mindedness, and a slight hint of perversity and morbidity ... any excuse is good to find new ways to live.
Weaknesses: Procrastinating and lazy to unforeseen degrees, unable to take his eyes off the computer unless the word "fun" or "interesting" is involved ... "responsibility" is shunned. Has a bigger appetite than a grizzly bear in spring. Cannot save money unless his life did indeed depend on it. Effective credit rating of a warthog with a severe heroin habit.
Special Skills: Can make almost anyone laugh when in high spirits. Hands hold special powers that will be discussed in future expansion packs.
Weapons: Nails, teeth and Dark Trenchcoat +5 against Club 737 troglodytes.
Pet and master: Tao ... cute mutant cat with penetrating eyes that demand attention and affection.

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