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infusco's Journal

Cheerfully Contradictory
5 April 1977
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User Number: 337645
Date Created:2001-09-03
Number of Posts: 1,924

Seesawing from overconfidence to paranoia, Karl is an avid poster of commentaries ranging from the brilliantly conceived analysis to the extremely ill-spelled and grammatically horrid momentary vomit of thought. It is commonly believed that there is a direct correlation between that and the amount of coffee he has ingested that day.
Strengths: Attentive, compassionate, honorable and honest, there for a friend in need. Mixed in with spontaneity, lunacy, open mindedness, and a slight hint of perversity and morbidity ... any excuse is good to find new ways to live.
Weaknesses: Procrastinating and lazy to unforeseen degrees, unable to take his eyes off the computer unless the word "fun" or "interesting" is involved ... "responsibility" is shunned. Has a bigger appetite than a grizzly bear in spring. Cannot save money unless his life did indeed depend on it. Effective credit rating of a warthog with a severe heroin habit.
Special Skills: Can make almost anyone laugh when in high spirits. Hands hold special powers that will be discussed in future expansion packs.
Weapons: Nails, teeth and Dark Trenchcoat +5 against Club 737 troglodytes.
Pet and master: Tao ... cute mutant cat with penetrating eyes that demand attention and affection.

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